Vertebral fractures change the biomechanics of the spine.
Balloon kyphoplasty is a minimally invasive procedure for the treatment of painful vertebral compression fractures, that is intended to reduce pain, disability, and vertebral deformity by use of catheters with inflatable bone tamps placed inside the affected vertebral body.
Balloon inflation compacts the cancellous bone and pushes the endplates apart, which might partly restore height and correct angular deformity.
Once the balloons have been removed, the resulting void is filled with viscous bone cement to stablilise the vertebral body.

ENDOSCOPIC PITUITARY SURGERY has become our GOLD STANDARD TECHNIQUE for removal of pituitary tumors. It permits better visualization of the tumor, better removal of tumor, and no trauma to nasal mucosa, in comparison to the classic microsurgical technique. Post-operative recovery is fast as return to normal  daily activities.